Saturday, December 8, 2012


Well once again another country has looked at my blog. Oh Poland.

So here are some fun Facts about Poland
  1. Poland is the the 9th largest country in Europe.
  2. In Poland the name day is considered more important than the birthday.
  3. Of all the countries in the European Union Poland's residents marry the youngest
  4. Also if you go there I have read a lot of blogs about gluten-free Poland I'll just say I hope you speak Polish
Thanks for reading! signed
                       ThE kId

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

What is wrong with the world& help GF hurricane Sandy relief

Hey guys, it's me,The Kid. You know sometimes you have those cool questions right? Well this time I want you guys to answer mine. Okay so here is the QUESTION:

I would totally LOVE to hear your answers!! So please answer my question and maybe I will ask one of your questions. The best questions I get back with the best answers I will publish, answer, or comment! I totally hope you take this seriously!

   Things NOT ALLOWED to write back with
  • Curse words
  • Saying bad things about me or my blog
  • Any form of making fun of Obama or Romney
  • Asking me personal questions (the world can see this!)
Also  those effected by hurricane Sandy might have gluten problems so here are some websites you can donate food and/or money to.
Thank you sooooooo much!

tHe KiD

Friday, October 5, 2012

U.k. Thnx!!!

Hey Hey Hey it's me! So as you have seen from my country cool blog I will make an awesome thanks to any foreign country who reads my blog. I see the U.K. has made some look sees on my blog. You know what time it is: THANK YOU TIME!!!
 The Mom wants me to write something gluten free about the U.K. Well after WWI in the treaty of Versilles Germany lost some resources in Africa which included some wheat and thanks to the shortage scientists figuerd out a little more about Gluten free-ness. This was found by US, KIDS by getting better(no i just ment a scientist not an actual kid found it but we did help).

                                    Okay here is some non-related awesome things about the U.K.

  •  They have blessed us with U2, 1 direction, and THE BEATLES!!!  
  • THE QUEEN!! God bless queen Elizabeth!!
  • Tanks they invented the army tank
  • they have pretty awesome accents 
  • Once again 1 Direction!!
  • Shakespear
  • J.k. Rowling (did you know the K is fake?)
  • Prince Charles Cocker spaniel
  • Henry Hudson and Captain Cook( found Australia)
  • Big Ben&The London Eye

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Taking Home Ec When You Have Celiac

This Mom again... I just wanted to share a story with a fantastic ending.

This semester The Kid was lucky enough to get Home Ec as an elective. Although we were really happy about it, the closer it came to cooking the more anxiety we had. Her teachers were really great, explaining we would have the opportunity to review the ingredients (and The Kid has an App for that!) But when it came time to start a zillion questions started popping in my head.

  • No wooden spoons
  • Are they using a cutting board
  • Are the plastic spoons all chewed up after years of kids using them, same for measuring cups
  • Are the tools washed by sponge or dishwasher
  • The Kid should not be in the room when using flour
  • What about the classes before 
From this we came to the agreement The Family would provide all tools, incl. sponge and towel. (We offered!) It was the best for all of us, and now another Celiac student can use them next semester. We also meet with the teachers, walking through the kitchen and all the touch-points.  I answered questions, explained alternatives, and I feel we ALL came away better informed. The flour was my biggest fear. So what we decided was that we would supply the GF flour, and The Kid would cook on the Demonstration Day (the teacher usually does), all the students sample the GF food. Then, the next day or 2 when the flour was out The Kid would go to the library or the back room.

In a school of 1500 and only 2 known cases, lets face it it is uncommon. Which is why, to my surprise the teachers asked me to come in and talk about allergies and cross-contamination. So I did!

Trying to take the crazy disbelief that something you can't see can still hurt someone else, we did an experiment.  (I LOVE this one) Take un-sugared Kool-Aid. Sprinkle a little on your hands, gentlely rub, dust off with a paper towel. It looks like there is nothing there, but when you spritz with water the Kool-Aid magically appears!

This brought a whole bunch of questions and a great discussion (back around to Celiac)

Long story short ~ The Class made chocolate Chip Cookies, Rice Krispy Treats, and a Fruit Pizza.  My Kid NEVER GOT SICK and the other students all agreed the Gluten Free food was better. (BTW, we used Better Batter for the cookies, and sugar cookie pizza)

Please please please, if you or your child ever get(s) Home Ec, just go talk to the teachers and administration to see if this is possible in your school.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Gluten Attack

Gluten Attack

As soon as The Kid realized her mistake I received a call and brought over an Enzymedica GlutenEase for gluten digestion. It doesn't get rid of any of the symptoms but does a good job at lessening them. Her symptoms occur close to 24 hours later, so we are able to prepare her body before the pain comes. Thanks to this preparation, she was able to stick it out at school on Friday, taking tests. (Thank Goodness!) ...Here it is day 2 and she is totally fine. At this point we are just giving her ginger to help with healing.

We also take GlutenEase while dinning out as a "Just-In-Caser" to ward off cross contamination.

From now on the school clinic will have a small bottle!  
~ The Mom

Friday, September 28, 2012

Country Cool


   New rule for GUGF (growing up gluten free). For every new country who looks at this blog in general gets a  blog thanking them for their internetness so than you Germany, Russia, Canada and sometime it could be another place other than the U.S.(Where I live).

                                              Good Luck,
                                        The Kid


Hello webbis,
                Today at lunch I had a big problem!!! If you go to a school that sells BLUE BELL ICE CREAM. I have some news for you! I had a chocolate BLUE BELL ICE CREAM and I looked at the ingredients GLUTEN ALERT IT HAD WHEAT!!!(Flour) So this was news to me and I will probably be sick tomorrow. So be careful you webbi you!!!

                         C U lats,
                               The KID